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Experience a rich nature, culture, history and gastronomy!

Zagorje - magic at your fingertips

  • Min. Pesons = 2
  • Min. Days = 1
  • Duration-Days = 8

Join us on this interesting journey and experience everything you Zagorje offers, from history and culture to the unforgettable beauty of nature, enjoying the thermal and healing waters and fascinating taste of  Zagorje specialties. We are sure that every corner of Zagorje will fascinate you!

Day 1: Zagreb - Zapresic - Tuheljske Spa

Day 2: Čakovec - Vinnytsia - Varazdin

3rd to 6th day: Trakošćan - Lepoglava - Krapina - Desinic - Kumrovec - Klanjec

Day 7: Medvednica - Veternica cave

Day 8: Zagreb.

During the eight days explore Zagorje. To the north lies the Croatian Zagorje, tamed place as from an  image, full of charming hills, green forests, rivers along which settle small villages. Endless vineyards with vines carefully stacked talk about the tradition of viticulture in this region, and Zagorje offers even more. This green jewel of Croatian rich is not only nature, but also the culture and tradition that exudes wherever you go.  There are castles from the time of the Croatian nobility, here were carried out significant historical events. The importance of Zagorje goes even so far back that it was here one of the richest habitats of the Paleolithic Neanderthal man in the world.

In the days the following activities will be arranged: tour of Zagorje, green gem of Croatia; exploring the rich cultural and historical heritage and one of the richest habitats Paleolithic Neanderthal man in the world; enjoying the source of hot and healing waters.

Accommodation: Accommodation is available in hotels with two, three or four stars.

Transportation: In our organization, bus or minibus; own vehicle (if applicable / available on request).


  • Depending on the final arrangement


  • Professional guides are available in different languages ​​on request
  • Additional activities can be included in the tour look under "Our Services"


All data are indicative and not binding.

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Packages are available throughout the year.
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