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Honey garden- honey tasting

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Medeni vrt - Kušaonica meda -archives Malo selo d.o.o.

The "Honey garden" today every guest, incidentally come by or organized groups of tourists, preschool, elementary, high school, students or graduate students offered a tasting of honey products, demonstration of the apiary and meeting or study the life of bee colonies, education about obtaining and types bee products, the opportunity to participate in the work of the bees in the school program for the children to research projects for the authors of scientific papers, sightseeing mini museum with preserved examples of traditional tools, souvenirs of bee products (honey gift packaging designed in eco-packaging, candles) walk the path of tea and honey plants, peeking in "međimurski pilgrim" with traditional local souvenirs (exit code of “luščinja”, baskets made of willow or hazel wicker, carpet patched, lacework, old craft blacksmith ..). "Honeymoon Garden" is an oasis of peace, a place of relaxation in the authentic rural environment and preserved surrounding countryside, cycle end point passing in the bike maps drawn three official route, close to the ponds which sustainably and close to nature way masters in sport fishing, adjacent to the two properties where the owners with horses run riding schools or allow recreational riding or just - a man from the urban environment is extremely necessary - close contact and socializing with noble animals. This is the perfect place to go trekking in the area (forest roads, meadows, open fields), a place where organize workshops of tradition crafts and skills – “cekeraštva”, making candles from natural wax, soap making based on honey, encaustic (forgotten painting techniques hot wax) ... ".

  • Address: Črečan 87
  • Cell phone: +385 9 52 005 567
  • Contact person: Tatjana Šardi
  • E-mail: tanja.sardi@gmail.com
  • Web page: http://medenivrt.com/
  • Working hours (opened from - to): By announcement
  • Entrance fee: 25.00 kn
  • Main features:

    Honey tasting, workshops

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